The next round of full-time courses start in February 2019. This websie will have updated information as soon as it is availaiable.

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- Music Performance
- Music Foundation
- Music Business
- Electronic Music
- Live Production
- Sound Production


Information sessions are held in room M1:7, Building M, Ultimo campus, corner of Mary Ann and Jones St Mall:
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  • We will list them here when we find out.


  • None are booked right now.
  • We will post new Open Day info as it becomes available.

About Sydney TAFE Music

2 week intensives hopefully start December 2018 and Janurary 2019.

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- Ableton Fundamentals
- Recording Studio
- Music Performance
- Music Business

Coordinators are there to help you!

Contact their course co-ordinators to find the right course for you

MUSIC BUSINESS & ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION: 9217 3711 or michael.rohanek@tafensw.edu.au
ULTIMO SOUND PRODUCTION & LIVE PRODUCTION: 9217 3216 or stephen.marquis@tafensw.edu.au
MUSIC FOUNDATION: Certificate II, TVET, Mission Australia: 9217 3216 or kelly.staines@tafensw.edu.au
Certificate III Music, Diploma of Music, Advanced Diploma of Music: 9217 3228
or bruce.reid@tafensw.edu.au & michael.brown@tafensw.edu.au
St LEONARDS SOUND PRODUCTION: contact peter.gage@tafensw.edu.au
EORA MUSIC PERFORMANCE: contact 9217 4524 or jasmine.robertson15@tafensw.edu.au


click on the links below to find out more about their full-time courses   

Full time courses run during the day for 2 to 2.5 days a week, usually 9:30am-4:30pm.
Sydney TAFE Music full time courses all begin every semester.

Electronic Music Production (Make great music in your computer)
Music Business (Make money in the music industry)
Music Foundation (Get started in music)
Music Performance (Get a million times better at playing, singing and writing)
Sound Production (Become an audio engineer and music producer)
Live Production (Run live sound, lighting, staging, AV systems)

Fee-free Music Short Courses
Enrol now for the following 2 week intensive short courses. They're subsidised so there's no cost to you. Extend your skills or use them as a bridging course to help with your full-time studies.

Mid-year short courses will run from Tuesday to Thursday, 9:30am-4:30pm. There will be two offerings the first going from 26 June - 2 July and the second going from 10 July - 19 July. You can enrol in two consecutive courses.

Click on the course names below for more information and enrolment links.

- Ableton Fundamentals
- Recording Studio
- Music Performance
- Music Business


Enrolments open now                                                                
TAFE NSW in Ultimo is the first to offer a Diploma tailored to the needs of the budding producers, beat makers and DJs in the electronic music scene. The Diploma offers you the potential to fast-track your journey towards making great music by building a solid understanding of Ableton, composition, mixing, synthesis, performance and more. The course is run under the Sound Production stream of the natinal curriculum

Diploma of Music Industry (Electronic Music Production)
Click here to apply at Ultimo starts 30 July 2018
(1 year, no pre-requisite, interview required, Vet Student Loan available)
If you want to be an electronic music producer or recording artist, this is the course for you. You will learn how to use Ableton from the ground up whilst building a solid foundation in composition and arranging skills. You will understand synthesis, expand your creative choices and learn how to get a professional, amazing sound from your productions. If you show up and participate, radio-ready for sale in the market. they teach you to sell your music online everywhere globally, get your Soundcloud and Facebook together, advertise on Facebook cheaply. Plus you will take it to the stage using Ableton Push controllers and CDJs. This course is government subsidised so you only pay $4060 and you can put that on a student loan. With a disability exemption it's free.

Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Electronic Music Production)
Click here to apply at Ultimo starts 30 July 2018
(1 Semester, Tues & Wed 9:30-5:30 for 20 weeks, Pre-requisite Diploma Electronic Music or similar, Vet Student Loan available)
For those who completed the Diploma Sound Production (Electronic Music), or have a lot of experience producing electronic music in Ableton, this is the next step toward fulfilling your creative vision, and fulfilling your career goals. You will become fluent running a recording studio with large mixing console and outboard gear, you'll master mastering, get way more advanced at composition and songwriting, both in terms quantity and quality, and Eric Chapus will teaching you how to do an amazing live set that earns good money. More songs, better songs, better sounds, better money, this is it. they plan to run this 2 days a week for 20 weeks, and the price is insanely. The government pays 60% so you only pay $3860 and you can put that on a student loan. With disability exemption it's free.

For help with Electronic Music Production courses, contact Eric Chapus at eric.chapus@tafensw.edu.au


Enrolments open now                                                                

Certificate III in Music Industry (Business)
Click here to enrol at Ultimo starts 30 July 2018
(1 semester, no interview, low cost subidised course)
In this course you will learn about all the job functions in the music business, so you can plan ytheir career and get ahead faster. You'll put on a show, promote it and play on it if you want. You'll learn copyright to protect ytheir songs and get royalties. You will also learn how to navigate the digital revolution in the music industry in terms of publicity and promotion.

Diploma of Music Industry (Music Business)
Click here to apply at Ultimo starts 30 July 2018
(1 semester after doing Cert III, low cost subsidised, Vet Student Loan available)
You will learn to develop and manage recording artists, shop record deals, plan tours & promotion campaigns, create advertisements, get sponsorships, raise money with crowd funding and grant writing, do distribution deals, licensing music for Film/TV/Commercials and more. You will learn how how to make money with publicity, social media, grants, crowd funding, gigs, airplay, merch, digital and physical sales, and much more. Staff will assist you in getting work experience, internships and job placement.

For help with Music Business courses, contact Michael Rohanek on 9217 3711 or email at Michael.Rohanek@tafensw.edu.au


Enrolments open now                                                     
Music performance courses run at Eora and Ultimo campuses and start from a certificate III level with no pre-requisite for entry. You can take your studies right up to an Advanced Diploma level leaving the course as a well-rounded musician skilled in performance, recording, theory, composition, music production in Logic and with a thorough knowledge of how to navigate the music industry. You'll have recorded and video product and the knowledge of how to use social media to launch your music career.

Certificate III in Music Industry (Performance)
Click here to enrol at Ultimo starts 30 July 2018
Click here to enrol at Eora starts 30 July 2018
(1 semester full time)
You will have lots of time playing in bands while you learn songwriting, music theory, get time in the recording studio and learn to handle the business and launch your career. You'll meet lots of other musicians, gain confidence and prepare yourself for the Diploma and your musical persuits.

Certificate IV in Music Industry (Performance) at Eora
Click here to register your interest Eora TAFE, starts 30 July 2018. Enquire at 9217 4878 -
(1 semester, full time, no pre-requisite)
This is a great entry course where you will have lots of time playing in bands while you build songwriting, theory, listening and recording skills. You'll also get to undertand the business side of the industry to help launch your career. You'll find like-minded people to make music with, gain confidence in your talent and prepare yourself to go on to the Diploma.

Diploma of Music Industry (Performance) at Ultimo
Click here to enrol at Ultimo - starts 30 July 2018, enquire at 9217 3228 or 9217 3216.
(2 Semesters, Vet Fee Help available, entry via audition )
You will become more advanced at playing in bands, improvisation, performing live, writing songs, notating music, handling the business and launching your career. If you get your skills to a professional quality, they will help provide performance and career opportunities.

Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Performance)
Click here to apply for Ultimo - starts 30 July 2018
(1 or 2 Semesters depending on previous experience)
This course will make you professional and launch your music career. In addition to advanced stagecraft, improvisation and world-class songwriting, you will produce market-quality recordings of your music, distrbute it globally online, promote it, make a music video for it, package yourself as a recording artist, showcase live for industry and build a team you can go forward with beyond the course.

For help with Music perfortmance courses, contact Michael Brown or Bruce Reid on 9217 3228 or at michael.brown@tafensw.edu.au or bruce.reid@det.nsw.edu.au


SOUND PRODUCTION - Audio Engineering
Enrolments open now                                            
Sound production courses run at Ultimo and St Leonards campuses. Studying sound production at TAFE will help you develop the skills to become a well-rounded professional sound engineer and mixer ready to work in live sound, music production, recording studios and the film/TV post production industries.

Cert III in Music Industry (Sound Production)
Click here to enrol at Ultimo - starts 30 July 2018
Click here to enrol at St Leonards - starts August 6
(1 Semester, full time)
This course is for anyone who wants to be a music producer, audio engineer in live or studio, using music production & recording software and mixing. There is also a lot of employment in live music too, so you will learn PA systems, staging & lighting.

Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production)
Click here to apply at Ultimo starts 30 July 2018
Click here to enrol at St Leonards - starts August 6
(1 year duration, pre-requisite - Cert III Sound or equivalent industry experience, Vet Fee Help available, requires interview)
This will drastically improve your audio engineering skills in studio recording, live sound production, sound for film & TV, as well as computer based music production and composing for screen, their Diploma graduates leave as well rounded professionals able to work in a large range of audio engineering contexts.

For help with Sound Production courses at Ultimo, contact Stephen Marquis at stephen.marquis@tafensw.edu.au
For help with Sound Produciton courses at St Leonards, contact Peter Gage


Enrolments open now                                              

Cert III in Live Production & Services
Click here to enrol at Ultimo starts 30 July 2018
(1 Semester, no pre-requisite. It fills up fast so hurry!)
With the opening of the new International Convention Centre on their doorstep, this course will give you an opportunity to join this high employment growth industry. You'll become qualified for job opportunities in live production, from clubs to concerts to corporate events, conferences and theatre. In venues on and off campus, you'll learn the foundation of PA systems, mixing live music, staging, lighting including followspots, , projection/visualisation systems, and event management.

For help with Live Production courses, contact Stephen Marquis on 9217 3216 or at stephen.marquis@tafensw.edu.au


Fee-free Music Short Courses

Music Business Intensive
This is 30 hours of FREE training on how to make money in the music business. You'll get a quick overview of what all the jobs in the music industry are, how to put on shows and promote them, how to raise cash with crowd funding, grants and partnerships, managing bands, A&R, copyright and more. This is a rare chance to sample lessons from both the Cert III and Diploma of Music Business, so you will learn tons, and find out if you want to study more.

Tues, Wed & Thurs days, 9:30am-4:30pm, running 26 June - 2 July & 10 July - 19 July.

Enrol now for June 26 or July 10 start


Ableton Fundamentals

The most popular music production software can you be yours to command. Used by Flume to Tame Impala to Skrillex, this is the industry standard for electronic music production. Learn to harness one of the most powerful samplers, pitch shifting, time warping, filter, FX, and built in instruments to create the any music you can imagine.

Tues, Wed & Thurs days, 9:30am-4:30pm, running 26 June - 2 July & 10 July - 19 July.

Enrol now for June 26 or July 10 start


Recording Studio Intensive
Learn the basics how to use a full recording studio from scratch. Learn microphone techniques, signal flows and how to get a great sound. This is awesome if you know recording software already, or want to prepare for a Certificate or Diploma. After learning the studio, you will have time in class to work on your recordings in teams.

Tues, Wed & Thurs days, 9:30am-4:30pm, running 26 June - 2 July & 10 July - 19 July.

Enrol now for June 26 or July 10 start


Music Performance Skills Intensive
This FREE short course will help you get better at playing your instrument and singing. You will spend most of the time playing and/or singing in a band, learning new songs and writing songs. Whether you play guitar, drums, keyboard, bass, sing or rap, this is a great chance to tighten up and prepare for a full time music performance course.

Tues, Wed & Thurs days, 9:30am-4:30pm, running 26 June - 2 July & 10 July - 19 July.

Enrol now for June 26 start or July 10 start


Enrolment Information

What level course can I study?
If you're a beginner, then their Certificate II and Certificate III courses are where you should start. If you've already built some skills and knowledge, then look at their Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas.

Some courses have automatic entry whilst others have pre-requisites or require an interview or audition. Information about entry into each course is contained in the course summaries above.

Minimum age and schooling requirements
The minimum age for enrolment in a course at Sydney TAFE is 15+ with a ROSA. If you don't have a ROSA, you must approach your school to apply on your behalf. You can enter their courses without an ATAR.

If you want to go on to study at university, having a diploma is your pathway in without an ATAR. Depending on your level of experience and prevous studies, you might even get advanced standing

How much will it cost?

TAFE is the most cost effective way to study music. Prices vary depending on your individual circumstance but usually range from $0 -$1800 for a certfifcate III and $0 - $4600 for a one-year diploma. Vet-fee help loans are available for diploma coorses meaning you pay nothing up front. Their short courses are fully subsidised and come at no cost to you. When you fill out the on-line application, you will get an indication of your course fee.

Note - international students have different pricing

How to Register or Enrol for a class:
they take registrations of interest all year using a student enquiry/registration page. Once applications are officially open, you can link directly to the TAFE enrolment pages directly from this site.

To enrol in any TAFE course, you will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number. If you don't have one, it takes about 2 minutes to get it at http://usi.gov.au

New Course names
All music courses are now called a certificate or Diploma in "Music Industry", whether it's Performance, Production, Electronic Music or Business which can be confusing. Consult with their course-co-ordinators to make sure you get into the right course for you



TAFE, Sydney Region, includes three campuses that run music courses. They are at Ultimo, Chippendale (Eora campus) and St Leonards. The Ultimo campus runs full-time courses in Music Performance, Sound Production, Electronic Music Production, Music Business and Live Production as well as numerous short courses throughout the year. Eora runs courses in Music Performance and St Leonards runs the Sound Production courses.

The Ultimo facility includes a large recording studio running digital and analogue systems, a multi-purpose production / performance room running analogue and digital PA systems with a KV Audio speaker system , multiple performance classrooms and practise rooms, a theory / keyboard room and several Mac computer labs running Logic and Ableton.

St Leonards Campus has the largest and best equipped high end sound recording, Film & TV studios in TAFE NSW. Facilities include a 32 input, 192 track ProTools HD studio and 5.1 Film ProTools HD mixing theatre, computer labs running Pro Tools and Ableton and 2 large venue sized 8KW digital and analogue Live PA systems (JBL, EV, Yamaha, Allen & Heath). The campus has parking and is a few minutes’ walk from St Leonards Station.

Eora campus is located in Chippendale and runs performance courses at Certificate III and IV levels. Facilities include a fully equipped theatrette, computer labs, recording studio and practise rooms.

TAFE teachers are all current professionals connected with every facet of the music industry. They bring years of real world and educational experience to the learning environment. There is no better place to launch your music career than at TAFE.

their graduates are working everywhere from APRA/AMCOS to Triple J to record labels and major production companies as well as many others who have succesfully started their own businesses. their alumni include members of The DMA's, the Preatures, Sticky Fingers and the Thundamentals as well as regularly gigging musicians all around Sydney.  


SYDNEY TAFE MUSIC is in building M of the Ultimo St campus, onthe corner of Mary Ann St and Jones St Mall, 10 minutes walk from Central Station
Map of location for Sydney TAFE Music

Head Teacher: Michael Rohanek
(02)  9217  3711

EORA campus is at 333 Abercrombie St, Chippendale, about 5 minutes walk from Redfern station

map of Eora

Head Teacher: Jasmine Robertson
(02)  9217  4524

St Leonards
St Leonards courses are in P block, St Leonards campus at 213 pacific highway, about 5 minutes walk from St Leonards station
map of St leonards TAFE
Head Teacher: Margaret Purcell
Course co-ordinator: Peter Gage (02) 9942 0690

For general enquiries, email them at sydneytafe.music@tafensw.edu.au

See them online at:



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